A write-up about a recent Papa John DeFrancesco concert

Here is a story written by Patricia Meyers, a jazz aficionado located in Arizona. ¬†She is very active in keeping all music alive and lists all the gigs on the Music Scene AZ¬†website. ¬†She also attends so many events…I honestly don’t know how she does it. Thank you Pat!! The ‚Ķ

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First Drum Clinic of 2015!!

Drum Clinic - May 2015

A 9AM Drum Clinic was a little challenging…you know, brain not working yet, hands and feet still asleep but overall, it was a huge success!! A huge thanks goes to my endorsement companies, Vic Firth¬†drum sticks, Bosphorus Cymbals, KickPort International¬†& Humes and Berg drum cases.

Exciting start to March 2015

WOW!!  Things really started off with a bang in March.  I was giving some of the artist relations people I spoke with at Winter NAMM 2015, time to dig through all the business cards and emails before I picked up our conversation from where we left off in person. I …

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I’m performing with Kevin Miso & Kara Hesse at the MIM


Yes!! ¬†On july 10th at 7:30, I’ll be playing drums as part of the house band for these two amazing artists. It’s going to be a night to remember. On top of this great show, both Kevin and Kara have agreed to perform at a private after party for the ‚Ķ

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Getting/Holding Onto Gigs

Getting gigs is¬†extremely difficult in todays environment. Everyone if scrambling for a piece of the pie. ¬†You not only have to be a great musician (to hold the gig because we all know you can initially fool some people upfront but you won’t last once you are put to the ‚Ķ

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2014 Is Going To Rock!!

Happy New Year everyone. This begins my 4th year as a full-time professional musician. This is my year for sure!! If you’re reading this and haven’t heard of me, you’re going to know about me soon enough. If you need a mature, versatile, dedicated, hard working drummer who is willing ‚Ķ

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What will 2014 bring?

Picture courtesy of www.gratefulmusic.com (this photo speaks to my 2014 aspirations) Be Happy Today It has taken me a long time to realize how important it is to be happy with the current moment and be grateful for what I do have.  I am always striving to be better and to …

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