Drum Tracks

Brick RoadIf you are looking for a drummer to lay down a track and to bring your song or musical concept to life, Joe is the drummer you want behind the kit.  Notorious for his impeccable time, groove and creativity, Joe will make your song come alive.

Joe has partnered with Brick Road Studio, one of the finest recording studios in Scottsdale, AZ, where he is able to record drum parts for musicians and producers all over the world – exchanging files by e-mail and FTP.

Brick Road is a multi-room state-of-the-art, world-class recording studio that can handle every facet of your recording project. They have an extremely qualified professional certified engineers behind the “board” running Pro Tools while Joe is in the booth laying down the groove.

Joe has one job to do when recording, and that is to make your song sound good as it possibly can.

You can hear tracks here from recent projects that were recorded in the very studio you see shown above, with my custom drum kit along with the very same engineer that will be working with me on your project.Brick Road 2


Click on the link below to use our contact form to inquire today on the cost of a single song or a bundle of songs:


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